MSLGROUP’s MSL China Releases “From Mao to More: Catching up with the next generation of talent in China” Executive Whitepaper

MSL China research identifies China’s ‘Generation More’ and shares insights on how MNCs can attract and retain young, Chinese talent

Beijing, China, May 28, 2012: MSL China, part of MSLGROUP, Publicis Groupe's flagship strategic communications and engagement company and the largest PR and social media network in Greater China today, announced the release of its latest executive whitepaper " From Mao to More: Catching up with the next Generation of talent in China." The whitepaper is based on proprietary research led by MSL China's Brand & Talent practice, which focuses on communication and engagement with talent to improve business performance.

The talent agenda in China remains a major challenge for multinational companies (MNCs), with finding and retaining the right talent cited as one of their biggest challenges for growth in the market.[1] " From Mao to More: Catching up with the next generation of talent in China" identifies the next crop of talent as Generation More who are ultimately driven by a 'what's in it for me' attitude. Its key findings also reveal that China poses unique challenges for MNCs:

  • Strong parental influence in career choices and decisions
  • Graduates with high expectations with a desire to be constantly inspired
  • Young professionals who favour a 'learn and move on' approach over growing with a company
  • Random and uninformed education and career choices

The whitepaper shares insights on how MNCs can look to engage and foster loyalty amongst China's talent pool of graduates in light of these challenges and the opportunity for businesses to invest in integrated communication strategies to attractGeneration More.

It also subdividesGeneration Moreinto four main categories, defined by values and aspirations, to help companies identify an 'archetype' that best suits their businesses, and use this to shape their employer value proposition and branding:

  • The Careerist. Main driver: Potential
  • The Hedonist: Main driver: Personality  
  • The Adventurist: Main driver: Passion  
  • The Idealist: Main driver: Purpose

Charlotta Lagerdahl, Director, Corporate Communication MSL China and Director, Brand & Talent, MSLGROUP Asia, said, "The talent market in China poses unique challenges to MNCs due to the country's fast-changing socio-economic landscape. This whitepaper looks to share insights on talent set to graduate over the next three years -Generation More- to help clients better understand this group's values and drivers. This in turn will help them better plan their engagement strategies and win the all important talent war in China."

To learn more on the opportunities MSL China has identified for MNCs to better attract and retain talent and to read the report in full, click here or visit





[1] "How Generation Y Can Lead China", China Briefing, 2011-03-22